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Frequently Asked Questions

1- 100% Biodegradable Our towels biodegrade in 8 weeks and are compostable2- Vegan Product Made from soft and natural wood fibers from sustainable forestry programs3- Safe, Secure Checkout Encrypted payment processing

dalma disposable towels are made from 100% natural plant-based fibres, including bamboo and other plants fibres. You will find no traces of plastic or other harmful chemicals in any of our disposable salon towels.

We have discounts available for buying in bulk; let’s discuss your usage and see what works best for you. Discounts are also shown on each product page.

dalma  towels are thick and plush and have the unmistakable  waffle texture, making dalma towels top of their class!

dalma towels are biodegradable so can go in with any biodegradable waste such as food, hair or brown card recycling. The towels will decompose within 3 months under ideal decomposable conditions. The towels can also be added to the normal rubbish for landfill where they will breakdown and leave no blight on the environment.

If you’re not completely satisfied with your dalma order we will either replace or refund as long as as the products are in a re-sellable condition. 

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