the disposable towel is a single-use alternative to a reusable cloth towel

Disposable materials were originally designed for healthcare delivery and have been introduced to industries outside of healthcare systems, such as resorts, hotels, hospitality, exercise facilities, and households.

Disposable towels are used to enhance infection control, convenience and decrease economic expenditure. Disposable towels are used in fields requiring sanitary conditions for minor, precise, or dirty jobs of cleaning and drying

the benefits of disposable towels:

  • The towels are highly absorbent.
  • The towels are 100% disposable and compostable.
    100% certified eco-friendly product.
  • The towels are hygienic.
    Have the added benefit of always using a brand new, clean towel every time.
  • The towels are hygienic and cost-effective.
    Save on costs by eliminating the need for dry cleaning and laundry.
    Eliminate the cost of replacement towels and linen.
    On average to launder a similar size towel will cost more than double the price of our disposable towels.
  • Save on the use of water.
    Eliminate the use of detergents and harmful substances from our water supply.
  • Our disposable towels will always have the same shade of white and will always be soft.


Each towel is a blend of natural fibers that has no chemicals, binders, or additives in any of our towels.


Our disposable towels are super soft to the touch and stay soft. Our materials provide you with luxury and class and customers love it.