In order to avoid cross-contamination, it is important to exercise good hand hygiene by washing and drying your hands to perfection. In public restrooms, it is common to use an electric hand dryer system. But studies show that hand dryers spread bacteria much more than traditional paper towels.

Our hands are one of our primary tools in our daily lives – no matter what you do, your hands touch surfaces and pick up bacteria from the surroundings. Studies from the University of Colorado at Boulder show that a typical hand has roughly 105 different species of bacteria living on it. By not performing hand hygiene correctly, the risk of a bacterial infection or infecting others increases.

Good hand hygiene is not just a matter of your washing technique – it also depends on your hand drying methods afterward. Dry skin is important because not all bacteria die when you wash your hands normally with rinsing water and soap. On the contrary, dry skin inhibits bacteria from growing. By leaving the restroom with dry hands, you thereby reduce the risk of cross-contaminating other surfaces, people, or yourself.

In many public restrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens, electric hand dryer systems have been installed as modern and more efficient substitutes to the traditional  Disposable towel solution. Unfortunately, the use of hand dryers has a negative consequence. Studies show that the use of hand drying systems may spread bacteria in a much bigger radius compared to the use of traditional towels. This means that towels are the best product to use in order to prevent and control infection.

Disposable  towels – the preferred hand drying method

If you wish to avoid bacteria dispersing, Disposable towels are a good product to choose from. Besides being a hygienic choice, single-use Disposable towels are the end-users preferred hand drying method.

The European Tissue Disposable  Association  - has observed and asked almost 4.000 persons about their preferred hand drying method. The study shows that 90 percent of the men and 91 percent of the women asked to prefer using Disposable towels rather than electric hand dryers.