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Dalma Factory for Hygienic products
We started Dalma Factory with a simple mission: to make better towels by using the best raw materials and technology.
Unlike regular cotton towels that have a high chance of bacteria and germ buildup over repetitive use, Dalma towels are
completely sterilized and are ten times more liquid absorbent which makes it an ideal product to be used comfortably
through its convenient range of different sizes in the featured exemplary uses for the Wood Pulp and Viscose series.

Dalma Factory for Disposable Towels
Made from nature, Dalma brings forth the latest break-through technology in cost & time efficiency as the expert in Eco-friendly
disposable towels ideal for an extensive range of uses. Made of all-natural viscose and wood pulp fibers without any addition of
chemicals, toxins, or plastic, Dalma towels are 100% bio-degradable and environment-friendly as well as being a smart hygienic alternative to regular cotton towels. Ultra-absorbent, soft, and easy to use with minimal impact on the environment, 
Dalma also complies with the Saudi and international health code regulations as being the multi-purpose, germ-free and

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